A few weeks ago, our CEO Steve Bardos made a skip across the pond to our London Offices. (pictured left)

for a discussions with our partner Unit4. For the past year we have been working towards integrating our non-profit supply chain management system with Unit4 Business World, a financial and human resource software package. The goal was to create a comprehensive ERP package that covers many of the issues non-profits face with traditional ERP packages.

Towards that goal, during Mr. Bardos’ trip he met with Unit4 Global Head of Product Management, Not for Profit Rob Smith in order to discuss the future of HELM and Unit4 Business World. 

Having a successful series of integrations working with notable clients in the disaster relief sector the talks focused heavily on how the product integrations could be improved to better serve the needs of the non-profit industry.

Some context for those not familiar with Humanitarian Software’s partnership with Unit4 business world. In early 2018 an official partnership between the two organizations in order to have inventory information carry over to Unit4 Business World’s financial software, allowing for organizations to easily report on their operations.

At Humanitarian Software the goal of product development has always been to create a reliable, robust product that solves business problems. To that end, partnering with a mature financial product allows us to focus on the supply chain management features that make HELM such a great option for humanitarian logistics management.

In the future, there is sure to be more work with our partners as we start strengthening integrations, allowing more functionality and improving the user experience at all levels. 

For clients interested in our partnership with Unit4, how our product can help humanitarian organizations manage relief supplies, or have general inquiries please email us at info@humanitariansoftware.com or leave your information on our contact page here.