Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Solutions for Disaster Relief

HELM for Disaster Relief Supply

Our Supply Chain solution, HELM, is a variation on standard SCM. Our solution is a blend of Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management, and Gift In Kind processing – with a dash of Reverse Logistics added to the mix.

Supply Chain Management

The integration and flow management of goods, related information, from and raw materials to the end user using managed systems and relationships to achieve a competitive advantage.

An Industry Advantage

Supply chain management systems give organizations a competitive advantage in how they manage their supply chains.

Nonprofits are no different, being able to better track, report and use donor resources means more opportunities.

Serving The Unique Needs of Disaster Relief & Humanitarian Aid

Serving the nonprofit – Gift in kind sector, Humanitarian Software’s HELM provides a system for the disaster relief supply chain. 

Humanitarian & Disaster Relief organization face unique problems in their business models.

Being able to handle these challenges is an important first step to ensuring operational efficiency to better attract donors and grant opportunities.

Supply Chain Management

Featuring a fully functional WMS (warehouse management system) HELM offers features that make simplify managing & improving the disaster relief supply chain

  • inventory control

  • purchase orders

  • gift in kind

  • advance shipment notifications

  • gift valuation

  • order entry

  • picking

  • shipping and history

  • kit building

  • display pack handling

  • client management

  • RF (radio frequency) barcoding

Blocks & Assignments

Blocks & Assignments

Donors often place restrictions on where their donation can be used. Being able to honor these conditions is imperative to donor relations. However it poses a significant problem when trying to report on how donations are used without aid.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

With extensive query and reporting tools all data that passes through your supply chain is at your fingertips.

Gift in Kind

Gift in Kind

Nonprofits generate revenue in unique ways. However, in order to maintain non-profit status and offer tax incentives to donors, nonprofits are required to record all in-kind gifts on their financials. Posing yet another logistic challenge.

Complete Humanitarian Supply Chain Visibility

The disaster relief supply chain is more complex than their commercial counterparts

Disaster relief professionals require software in order to get better visibility into their supply chains so that they can better get relief supplies where they need to be. HELM provides a suite of tools that traditional commercial logistics software lacks, allowing users the utility they need to accomplish their organizations goals.

From donor to the field

HELM has the capability to offer insight into any organizational operations with power data analytic tools and custom reporting, easily bringing information to the hands of donors and constituents in order to secure more aid for relief projects.