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Enterprise Resource Planning Overview

Our partnership with Unit4 Business Software allows us to provide a complete logistics and financial solution to suit the needs of your enterprise.

Through our partnership with Unit4 Business Software, we are able to integrate our logistics solutions and their financial solutions to provide a unique multi-level solution specific to your enterprise. The financial and Enterprise Resource Planning tools provided by Unit4 work alongside the Humanitarian Enterprise Logistics Manager to create a flexible module to aid in your business goals. With this added convenience, your enterprise is free to work harder towards its most important mission of helping others.

ERP Features

Financial Management

  • Consolidation and cash management
  • Corporate budgeting
  • Financial reporting
  • Travel and expense management
  • Fixed asset management and more

Reports and Analytics

  • Reporting and analysis suite
  • Task management
  • Analyzer
  • Timelines
  • Modeler
  • Workflows

Project Management

  • Opportunity management
  • Reference projects
  • Project estimating and proposals
  • Resource utilization management
  • Project reporting

Field Services and Assets

  • Estate and asset management
  • Service order management
  • Service agreements
  • Asset inspections
  • Service planning
  • Mobile field service


  • Workflow process automation
  • Web requisitions
  • Electronic purchasing
  • Automated expenditure controls
  • Invoice management

HR and Payroll

  • Talent management
  • Position administration
  • Resource administration
  • Training and development administration
  • Payroll management and salary review

A graphic which shows how Humanitarian Software and Unit4 work together to provide enterprise resource management.

Through our partnership with Unit4, you can review your complete financial health at any time and streamline administrative processes with a vast array of tools. By utilizing HELM alongside the business tools provided by Unit4, you can quickly respond to unexpected scenarios with real-time analytics and adapt to the ever-changing humanitarian environment in the most effective manner.

Keeping up with your company’s finances is an integral part of any enterprise, but this is especially true in the humanitarian sector. Donors want to see where there money is going and be sure it’s being utilized in the best possible manner. When using HELM in conjunction with Unit4, it’s easy to visualize all of your intakes and expenditures related to a project so you can report back to your donors efficiently and conveniently.

The Enterprise Resource Planning module is meant to expand HELM’s framework to include all the financial tools necessary to create a unique logistic-financial solution that’s capable of addressing any challenge in the humanitarian aid and disaster relief sectors.

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