Humanitarian Software Partners

We work with our partners to bring you quality software

Designing software to fit the needs of your organization. The offerings from our partners integrate and expand the value of our software.

Humanitarian Software Partners
Orange Horse Technology

Orange Horse Technology is a sister company to Humanitarian Software. OHT develops a wordpress based portal plugin, Portessa, that allows organizations to grant customers & partners 24/7 real time secure access to host systems.

Customer portals allow organizations to save labor as product searches, transactions, etc. can now be automatically maintained with customer input. Humanitarian Software’s HELM comes equipped with Portessa integration to allow disaster relief organizations to easily allow donors and partners access to whatever information they may need from HELM’s data warehouse.

If you want to learn more about how HELM uses Portessa look at our Customer Portal page HERE

Humanitarian Software Partners
Barcontrol Systems

Barcontrol systems is a provider of modular warehouse management systems for commercial customers. Barcontrol software is able to easily fit into organizational structures as it can be tailored to each use situation.


Humanitarian Software has an ongoing partnership with Unit4, a European based software company. With the goal to offer a full service ERP solution for disaster relief organizations that includes solutions for:

  • Financial Management
  • Project Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Field Services & Assets
  • HR & Payroll

All from reliable vendors geared towards providing quality solutions for their partners.

Read more about the ERP solution provided by this partnership HERE